Monday, September 8, 2014

Sexy Boxer Underwear Guy : Muli

His name is מולי קרצ’ו, and the spelling of his name in English is all over the place. I've seen him listed as Muly Krecho, Muli Karzo, and other variations thereof -- even Look Agency, where he's represented, lists him as both "Muly" and "Muli Krazho". By any name he looks just as sweet, and he's our Man of the Month for September 2008. He's an model and actor, and I believe he was once a part of "Exit", a TV show for teens that was co-hosted by Ofer Shechter. He was a castaway on the first season of the Israeli "Survivor", Hisardut (הישרדות), where he was introduced as a martial arts instructor. Ethan, my contact in Israel, tells me that Muli is none to bright, but I don't speak the language so I'm  lissfully ignorant of that possibility.

Hot Boxer Underwear Guy

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